ingREeS – Trainings programs

Within the frame of programs for training of workers  in the field of construction and architecture realized by the project ingREeS, based on the kick- off meeting which took place on 25. 10. 2016 in Bratislava, decided to address the main fields of implementation of construction works.

These fields are defined in five programmes to which are asigned their program experts.

  1. Program: Architect/ Planner
    Program expert: prof. Sternová
  2. Program: Assessor Of Achieved Energy Efficiency Of The Buildings
    Program expert: prof. Chmúrny
    Program expert: Ing. Piršel
  4. Program: SITE MANAGER
    Program expert: Doc. Makýš
    Program expert: Doc. Juríček

Outputs of program experts in their duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • establishment of the programme structure and modules with a description of time severity to comment on the draft of the solutions for the future education of persons within the field taking into account the agreed parameters of specified modules,
  • the creation of the team leaders modular experts for the programme who are agreed under the program,
  • agreement on the scope and content of the materials in the module and reducing duplication of modular-based communication between the leaders modular experts through the creation of individual modules with the coordination of their activities,
  • approval of a modular package as a basic package dedicated to the data bank, in which the comments contain a range of modular materials.