Complete the ingREeS project and increase your expertise and qualifications

Graduate in project ingREeS and increase your expertise and qualification

Present time points out the need of innovation, modern and quality education and preparation as the key factor of economic competitiveness. General level of capability must be increased with the mission to fill labor market needs and to allow citizens to be able in present work well. It is given that the market for building renovations on standard nZEB and market of new buildings in the years 2020 to 2030 will introduce the volume of delivered civil works, materials, technical equipment and technologies in the high overrun of 40 billion euros only in Slovakia. That’s why the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers decided to participate in next education of its members and offers them the opportunity to participate in the program ingREeS.


Digitalization of construction

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in Europe, with the ratio circa 10% of GDP. It belongs to keys sectors in connections and inputs with other sectors (e.g. steel). According to statistics, 20 million people work in the field of construction which is not a negligible amount. The European Committee in its attendant report to strategy for European industry digitalization mentions that although in many sectors of economy have been quickly introduced digital technologies and processes, it is necessary to fully use digital opportunities in every sector of European industry, regardless of the company size. In digital transformation lag, especially small and middle size companies, and mainly traditional sectors as construction, agro-food, textile and steel industry.


Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for digital economy and society, following to this strategy said in April last year: “Europe has a very competitive industrial base and its world leader in important sectors. This leadership can keep only if its industry will be successfully and quickly digitized. “The moment of digitalization in Slovakia could be logically the implementation of BIM into construction sector. It is not possible without uniform standards but fortunately, it’s upcoming already.


Clean energy in buildings

Digital technologies have a potential to increase the effectiveness of construction processes but also operation of buildings to contribute energy savings. Hence the Committee supports definitions of social principles in part of public acquisition for digitalize building properties including energy difficulty with using information building modeling. Along with the development of a common framework for digital building diary and specific steps aimed on small and medium size companies, the change of information will become simple and decision process of before, during and after building processes will be supported. In addition, we will avoid fragmentation of national strategies that reduce costs for small and medium size companies, mentioned in the supplement Acceleration of clean energy in buildings which is a communication to the European Parliament, the European Council, European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and European Investment Bank with postscript – Clean energy for all Europeans – of the 30th November 2016.

Trainings ingREeS in this year already

Already in the March 2017 begins the first training within the project ingREeS which is intended to everybody, who is interested for the improvement of his qualification. All trainings of project are directed to participants without any fees. Project got funds from the project of the European Union for Science and Innovations Horizon 2020 based on the Grant agreement no.649925- ingREeS. The Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers organizes during the year 2017 interesting lectures, trainings, e-learning activities and so many supplementary technical events which help the participants to improve their qualification.


Project ingREeS brings to all life education system in constructions sector qualitative change determining the increasing of efficiency and participation in learning activities. In this project come together Professional organizations and associations associating groups with the vision of building the future learning system for constructions experts on medium and higher control level which graduates will dispose skills and knowledge appropriate to the European standards and expectations of today’s Europe. Participants of educational and training programs ingREeS will become fully qualified in energy efficiency and utilization of renewable resources.


To the mutual dialogue are invited national, public and Professional institutions, organizations and companies active in the sector of energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in buildings to develop the appropriate conditions for implementing the project through financial and regulatory measures to support investment in additional education and demand stimulation for intelligent energy solutions in buildings.


Project ingREeS will be used to achieve higher level of education and qualification in the construction, to insure high-quality education and technical preparation and to insure participant’s knowledge and skills respond to changes of work claims, work organization at the workplace and working methods.

Dissemination of news with the support of ingREeS

One of the project goals is the dissemination of innovations, news and information which contribute to the increase of constructions sector experts’ technical profile. In the half of January, we organized the Seminar focused on changes in the field of energy certification in connection with the adoption of Decree no. 324/2016. The whole event was effected by video streaming in order to zoom on issues to the most of participants. In all of regional offices of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers it was possible to hear two lectures. Changes of legislation in the field of energy economy of buildings, valid from 01.01.2017, were interpreted by Ing. Alena Ohradzanska, She works at the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak republic.  New methodology and recommended evaluation procedure of energy economy of buildings, respectively part of buildings were explained by prof. Ing. Zuzana Sternova, PhD., followed by discussion.


The Conference of ingREeS at the Expo CONECO

The final structure and content of training programs will be presented to our participants in the part of CONECO RACIOENERGY which will be held this year from 22th to 25th March 2017, in the area of Incheba Expo Arena in Bratislava. It will be continuation of successful 1. Year conference titled Invest to construction skills, which was organized last year at the same exhibition. In the part of event, experts from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia presented practical experiences with the realization of nZEB buildings and advanced computing methods to achieve savings. It’s our pleasure to meet you on Friday, 24.03.2017 in Incheba.

The main actors in today’s knowledge-based society are people. The ability of people to create and use knowledge effectively and intelligently in an environment that is constantly changing is critical. For the full development of this ability, people need to want and have the capacity to take their destiny into their hands which means in simple way to become active. If you’re interested in getting more information about the project, visit