ingREeS “Training of Trainers” – WP4 – Vysoké Mýto

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 took place the third of planned iniciatory WP4 meeting of ingREeS project Training of trainers in the spaces of Vyšší odborná škola stavební a Střední škola stavební in Vysoké Mýto. The guarantee of educational and training programme of mid and upper engineering professionals in the field of energy efficiency and usage of renewable sources of building energy took part as the Czech national part representative. Key lecturers – representatives of public administration, building suppliers and the members of ingREeS team from the area of Vysoké Mýto joined this huge meeting as well. Possibilities of Technological centre (classrooms, hydrotechnical lab, communication infocentre R35, infocentre of digital education, Educational programme of Low-energy and passive objects which may contribute to training of all modules of ingREeS project) were introduced to all the attendants.

As well as during both iniciatory meetings in Prague and Ostrava, the focus was fixed on the introduction of ingREeS project (technical stuff), objective part of ingREeS project (goals, themes and extent) and pedagogic parts of trainings (the form of training and individual modules). Selection of future trainers and their addressing was also one of the main topics.

Presentation of previous iniciatory WP4 meetings of TOT ingREeS project in Ostrava was discussed. Planned training of trainers (TOT) – familirazition of module authors with programme guarantees from Czech, Slovak and Austrian  part together was also a topic of discussion as on November 29 – 30 another training of trainers will be held in Bratislava. An audiovisual record of thise meeting will be taken and the authors are counting with its future extensive usage.