Association of Building Entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic

Česká republika


Who we are

The Association is an interest association of business entities from the field of construction. Its members are building contractors, producers of building materials and products for building sites, designing, engineering and consulting organizations and a number of other production and business firms, which are involved in investment construction.

Currently, the Association has 1300 members that represent more than three quarters of the building capacities of the Czech Republic.

The mission of the Association is to defend the interests of the members and the industry with the objective of improving the conditions for business activities and the economic environment, expanding the construction market, improving legislation, simplifying construction preparation and particularly providing timely information about the trends of further development in investment so that the member firms can respond to these in their business plans in time.

Our role in the project

Our main role in this project was to deliver the essential training of trainers and a common set of background documents for training and testing of acquired competences of trainers. For assessment of learning outcomes from training of trainers an assessment standard was developed. Moreover, our association had set up a permanent network of trainers, aiming to ensure lifelong learning and training of targeted middle and senior level building professionals on energy efficiency and use of renewable sources of energy in buildings. Representative of SPS is also the national coordinator for the Czech Republic.

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