University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Department of Civil Engineering + Natural Hazards, Institute of Structural Engineering, Sustainable Constructions
BOKU Ressbau


Who we are

The Research group “Sustainable Constructions” was initiated in 2004 by Univ.Prof. Arch. DI Dr. Martin Treberspurg and consists of a team of multidisciplinary researchers, committed to sustainable buildings and ecological urban planning. Our primary goals include:

  • Evaluation of building performance and city districts,
  • Improvement of energy performance of buildings (with a focus on low energy houses and passive house technology),
  • Developing new smart city concepts and innovative sustainable energy strategies,
  • Development of research studies in collaboration with companies, mainly within the building sector, construction developers and industrial companies,
  • Sustainable passive house design, knowledge transfer, education and building certification (TQB, DGNB, ÖGNI).

Our role in the project

With teaching as the core competence at the university and thanks to many experiences with research projects involved in developing training arrangements we became the main Austrian partner to transfer of knowledge and experience in educating the professions on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources.

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