Supporting Organizations

Slovak Organizations
The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic
Platform “Buildings of the Future”
Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia
Slovak Green Building Council
Association for Renovation of Residential Buildings
Institute for Energy Passive Houses
Greenpeace Slovakia
National Qualification Platform in Slovakia
Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia
Building Testing and Research Institute
Institute for Adult Education and Services
Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency
Ekofond, n.f.
Czech Organizations
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Construction Council of the Czech Republic
Czech Green Building Council
Foundation for Continuing Education
National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centreand Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers
ABF – Foundation for Development of Architecture and Construction
Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction
Trade Union of Construction of the Czech Republic
Austrian Organizations
Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants