About project

Basic information

Project title “Setting up Qualification and Continuing Education and Training Scheme for Middle and Senior Level Professionals
on Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy Sources in Buildings — ingREeS”
Starting date March 1, 2015
Duration 36 months
Total budget 1,399,622.72 €
Number of partners 9
EU Programme Horizon 2020 – The EU Framework Programme for Research and
Managing / Advisory / Controlling Organization Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) set-up by the European Commission

Project background

From the point of view of fundamental priorities and essential activities, the ingREeS Project is directly linked to the European Build Up Skills Initiative (BUS).The Project will extend the implementation of the Roadmaps established and endorsed under the Pillar I BUS Slovakia and BUS Czech Republic projects focused on enhancement of skills of craftsmen and on-site workers in the sectors of buildings, to middle and senior level construction professionals. The Roadmaps identified key measures for setting up a national qualification and training schemes and other measures for ensuring development of skills essential for the field of buildings in order to contribute to the fulfilment of the Europe 2020 energy targets. IngREeS, together with other related projects, will try to make it happen!

Project objectives

Target groups

The education and training programmes are to be prepared for the middle and senior level engineers and construction professionals – main target group of the project, while covering the following professions identified in the both roadmaps as key for achieving the EU 2020 energy targets:

  1. Civil Engineer – Site Manager;
  2. Construction Site Supervisor;
  3. Civil Engineer – Energy Counsellor;
  4. Architects and Planners;
  5. Assessors of the Achieved Energy Efficiency of the Buildings

Secondly, experienced professionals (skilled researchers, teachers, managers and other industry experts) in the area covered by the project will participate as experts contributing to the preparation of training and training materials and the future trainers of the training to be delivered within this project.

Relevant Slovak and Czech decision makers and opinion formers (including small and medium-sized enterprises and key employers in the construction sector) fall within the third project target group, invited to discuss supporting measures.

Expected impact

The ingREeS project brings about the qualitative step-change in life-long learning in the construction sector in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, determining increasing participation rates and effectiveness of education activities. Within this project, professional chamber and associations meet together to develop the system of trainings for middle and senior level engineers and construction professionals that will provide the knowledge and the skills corresponding to the European standards and the requirements of nowadays Europe. The ingREeS training courses participants will become fully qualified in the area of energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in buildings.

In order to ensure appropriate project implementation, the Slovak and Czech competent authorities and other relevant stakeholders including the small and medium enterprises and other key employers in construction industry will be involved in the common dialogue on the financial and regulatory measures that would facilitate investments in skills of construction professionals and support market demand for intelligent energy solutions in buildings.