ViaEuropa® Competence Centre s.r.o.



Who we are

ViaEuropa Competence Centre s.r.o. is focused on research and innovation in key enabling technologies, including advanced manufacturing and product innovations aimed at resources efficiency and leading to circular economy. ViaEuropa helps SMEs to develop and commercialize innovations. At the same time, ViaEuropa concentrates on innovations in education aimed at bringing to the market professionals equipped with needed set of skills and knowledge essential for companies to realise their innovation ideas.

Our role in the project

ViaEuropa has been coordinating implementation of the project, ensured consistency of the project outcomes and has been supporting partners in implementing project tasks by providing know-how on innovating education systems, including applying Bologna process to ensure alignment with European Qualification Framework (EQF) and Slovak National Qualification Framework (NQF). ViaEuropa also ensured connection of the project with regional actions aimed at skills build-up and with downstream actions aimed at increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in buildings.